Why Outsource Your Payroll Process?


By outsourcing payroll to us you benefit from saving the cost of paying for HMRC compliant software, the costs of your staff performing all wages calculations and the costs of specialist stationery (payslips etc).


We guarantee compliance with up to date legislation, all reports being submitted to HMRC on time and all calculations performed correctly every time.

Why Choose Bluegate Business Services?


Our team  have years of experience in accurately calculating payroll and ensuring that all work is done to ensure the smooth running of your business.


By tailoring the payroll services to the needs of your business we are confident we offer an unrivalled service, accommodating any special needs which your business may have which other providers may not be able to.


Our friendly clerks are always willing to allow a level of flexibility with their work to allow your business needs to dictate our service rather than rigid rules and timescales.


We can offer expert advice in relation to other areas which you may not yet have considered. For example, have you considered offering a cycle to work scheme to your employees, have you made a plan for automatic pensions enrolment or how can you simplify your payroll process.

Point of Contact

Unlike many other outsourced payroll companies we will give you a dedicated point of contact with whom you can liaise.  We believe this allows you to be comfortable that should there be any issues regarding your payroll you will be able to have them swiftly resolved.  This does not mean you won’t be able to speak to other member of the team, it simply means there will be someone with ultimate responsibility for your payroll.