How can I be sure my employees will be paid on time?

When you make the decision to use us for your payroll calculations we will set out the terms of our arrangement in an engagement letter which will tell you when you will need to provide us with the information in order for us to have the payroll calculated on time.  Should you miss the deadline to submit information to us, we will still try and get your calculations performed for the pay date, but we cannot guarantee it.

How much will it cost?

The cost of the payroll calculations depend entirely upon your circumstances, we like to provide a bespoke service to you so we can ensure you are getting everything you need from the service whilst staying within your budget.  In the majority of cases our service costs much less than performing the functions ‘in house’, as the cost of software, payslips and time spent performing calculations is far in excess of the our fees.  Unlike some other companies, at the start of each tax year we will set out with you the cost of our service and that will be the price you pay.

How can I be sure my company’s information will be kept confidential?

Unlike many other companies we like to take a personal approach to this and your designated payroll agent will be able to discuss the procedures we have in place to protect your data and reassure you that you can trust us with your employee data.  We are fully compliant with the data protection act and you can ask for a copy of our data protection policy if you would like it.

What is involved switching to Bluegate Business Services?

Every business is different so the switching process for each will also be different, we manage the process in order to have as little impact upon your business as possible and take up the minimum amount of your precious time, freeing up your time to concentrate on your core business activities.  We will set out a switching plan and only when you are 100% happy will we begin implementing the switching plan.

I am planning on setting up a business, when should I contact you?

Ideally you should contact us as soon as possible, as we can offer invaluable advice and guidance on the process of setting up a PAYE scheme and employing new staff.  But if you have already begun the process of setting up your payroll don’t let this put you off contacting us, as far as we are concerned the sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin to take all of the stress of payroll away from you.

Can you help me with automatic enrolment pensions?

The simple answer is yes.  The government are phasing in, over the coming years, the automatic enrolment pension schemes, the burden of providing these has fallen upon employers.  So let us help you set up your automatic enrolment pension scheme plan which will guide you through the whole process, from selecting a provider and the ongoing assessment of your employees eligibility, to performing calculations and sending payments and information to pension schemes.

Got a question that isn’t covered in the FAQ list?

The list of FAQs that we have is by no means exhaustive and we understand you may have questions which are not covered by them.  If you would like to ask us any questions please use the details below to contact us and we can chat in an informal manner about your requirements and we can give you any information you may require in order to help you make the decision about switching your payroll to us.

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